Hey guys! Today we shot the music video for Rolling in the Deep, and it was so amazing! It was our first official, professional music video shoot, and what an experience it was! There was lots of sweat, and some blood (tell you in a minute), but luckily not tears (that I know of). So it was out in the desert at these old, evacuated domes near Casa Grande. REALLY REALLY cool location for the video! I think it's gonna turn out amazing. Anyway, it was out in the desert, so there you have the sweat. The blood that was shed was mostly from Nick; he had to play (pizz) super loudly to keep the beat for us, and as a result his first AND second fingers quickly developed monstrous blood blisters (photos soon I'm sure). And within an hour they had both burst onto his fingerboard. He said blood even spattered up onto his face! Pretty crazy! Nick's a stalwart member of Simply Three. Love him for it!

Anyway, from what little I saw from Jeremy and Jake's cameras, the footage looks ammaaazingggnadkfaodinapoivnaeio! So stoked! Now I gotta go plan the release date and our marketing plan! Hope you guys will love the video and share it with your friends and watch it over and over again and...and..and...Watch it again! Haha

Until next time,