Hey, S3 fans! We waited a year to tell you this! Now it's time we let you in on the secret... In our Counting Stars music video, we embedded our logo into 3 different parts of the video. If you can find all 3 hidden logos, you'll win a free album (past and future) for life! It's that simple. Here's what you need to do:

1. Watch our Counting Stars music video here. 2. Write down the three timestamps where the logos are found (turn off annotations; the logo in the upper right does not count). Look carefully, and look everywhere! 3. Email the 3 timestamps, along with a description of where you see each logo on the screen (send screenshots if you want us to be certain you found them), to contest@simplythreemusic.com.

The first three fans to find all three logos win! Good luck, guys!


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