So you've seen Simply Three's new music video Rolling in the Deep. Well, here are 10 things you didn't know about the video (click the images to see for yourself):


1. There's a white Honda Accord 1 second in.



2. We had to blur out some swear words.

Swear-Word-2 Swear-Word


3. Olivia took off her jacket because it got too toasty in the Arizona sun. Which look do you like better?



4. Nick was wearing headphones the entire time. They snuck into the video for 2 seconds in this shot only.



5. I was hidden next to Olivia in the outdoor room shot, clapping and singing as her metronome.



6. Two days before the shoot, I panicked because I didn't have a good shirt to wear. So I bought this shirt at Goodwill for $2. It's too small for me (look at the sleeve length), but I love the way the cuffs curl.



7. This computer shot was not planned. Somebody had left it there, and Jake was inspired to have it in the shot.

computer already 3


8. Nick's favorite shot from the video is when his string vibrates at the same frequency as the lens' frame rate. You get this cool wavy effect.

nick's favorite 1


9. This is Olivia's favorite shot from the video; she loves the way I'm blurred in the foreground, while she busts out in the background.

olivia's favorite


10. And finally, my favorite shot (Nick and Olivia love it too) is the moving shot going into the second chorus (watch it here). Great great camera work by Jeremy and Jake!



Well, that's it! Hope you enjoyed these fun facts. Thanks for reading!


by Zack Clark

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