Simply Three - Submit Now - Happy

We're making a new music video, and we want YOU to be the star! Here's how:

1. Film yourself doing what makes you happy. Make sure you're high energy and having a good time - lots of smiles!! 2. Email your footage to by February 6th, 11:59PM UTC. If your video file is too large, use We Transfer. 3. That's it! If we need anything more from you, we will email you after your submission.

FAQ 1. What song is this music video for? The music video will be for our new version of Pharrell's "Happy" Click here to see the original music video and hear the song.

2. How long should the video be? 10 seconds is enough; if you want to send us more footage, that's okay too!

3. What should I be doing in the video, exactly? Do what makes you happy! If you love to read, read a book! If you're a dancer, dance! But no matter what you do, remember to be high energy, happy, and having a good time! This is an upbeat, happy song and video! Lots of energy and lots of smiles will give you a better chance of making the final cut.

4. What file format should my video be? Any format will work!

5. Do I need a professional camera to submit a video? No. You can use any camera to record your footage: a camera phone, webcam, laptop camera, or personal handycam. Anything you can get your hands on!

6. What resolution should my video be? 1080p is preferred but not required. Just do what you can!

7. I need to use We Transfer. How does this work, exactly? We Transfer is easy and free! Under "Friend's email" put Then put your email address, add your video file, and click "Transfer." Once your video is uploaded, you will see a confirmation screen and an email once we download your video file.

8. Do I need to submit a video release form? No. By sending us your video, you give us creative license and permission to use your footage for the music video.

If you have any other questions or issues, just email Zack at

We can't wait to see your "happy" video!!


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