Hey guys! Just getting ready for my recital! It's on April 26th at 7:30PM at the ASU School of Music recital hall. RSVP HERE. I'm so stoked!! I'm still working hard on the Kodaly (today I practiced for like 6 hours haha), and I'm finishing up the original sonata I'm writing with Elliot. But yeah, I'm so excited! If I have time to prepare, which I maybe kind of probably won't , I might even try to do an encore with my loop station! I'm even looking to see if I can plug in to the house sound!

I'm also really excited about Simply Three's newest songs/arrangements! We have a brand new original song called "Street Theme," which was composed by Nick and his friend Andrew Griffin. It has already been performed by the Alkali Ensemble last week in Texas. The audience loved the piece!! That's good news, because it's a brand new venture for us! We just adapted it for the trio, and we have planned where we will build a huge loop for the climax of the song. We're so excited to get going on it!

Oh, and speaking of which, we now have pickups, amps, and LOOP STATIONS!!!!!! Nick and I each got a Boss RC-30 loop station. It's legit. We've already been toying with them, and the music just writes itself. They rock! Can't wait to show you guys! We will definitely be using them at our upcoming performances (TBA). As far as pickups, I got a Fishman RC-100, and Nick got a Realist. Nick also got this nice Roland bass amp. I got a Roland Micro Cube, and I think Olivia's gonna get a micro cube, too. Olivia has picked out her pickup, too, but I forget which one. It's the same one Lucia Micarelli uses.

Anyway, we're so ready to expand our live, now-amped show, and take it on the road!!! PS We are planning a tour in Utah and Idaho this coming fall. Stay tuned. :)