Hey Simply Three fans! Last week we finished recording our newest version of Rolling in the Deep! We just finished getting the tracks balanced, and now we just need to get it mastered for that extra sparkle. Also, we will be filming our first official music video this month! It will be for Rolling in the Deep, the song we just recorded. The video will be filmed and edited by Jeremy and Jake from I Do Films, and we expect the track and music video will be released early to mid May. We will update you as we go, and we will announce the official video and iTunes release date soon!


We recorded Rolling in the Deep live; just the three of us sitting close together (like normal), with mics on us in the middle. Paul Richards recorded us. He is an audio recording instructor atthe Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, and he is terrific to work with. He helped suggest we record the track live, and we are so glad he did! He is amazing! We think we captured our energy much better this way, too, since it is a live recording. You can hear us breathing and feeding off of each other, which adds a fresh energy to the track. We added a couple of overdubs (extra tracks over top) to enhance the recording, but not many. Also, we wrote a killer violin solo for Olivia. We believe this new solo captures the virtuosity we have been wanting to showcase to you guys. If you REALLY want to hear the track sooner than later, we might be able to give you a sneak peek! Look for a Facebook post about it soon.


We have a sweeeeeet location planned out for the video to Rolling in the Deep. Jeremy and Jake are scouting the spot out for us within the next couple weeks to make sure it will work. If it works out, we will be excited to show you photos of the location! Our video style will be influenced by 2 Cellos, The Piano Guys, Lindsey Stirling, One RepublicRadiohead, and Fleet Foxes. Our tentative date for filming the music video is March 26, 2013. After that comes editing, and then preparations for the release date.

Can't wait!


Zack, Nick, Olivia