A few weeks ago, we played on the FOX 10 AZ Morning show, and it was an incredible experience! We got there way early, just to make sure everything went smoothly (good thing, too, because they decided to give us more air time!). When we arrived through the security guard's gate, we saw the large Fox 10 logos and got got all excited. Then, after we parked and checked in at the front desk, the security guard escorted us back into a side waiting room. But it was nerve racking, because we walked right by a live segment!! We saw Ron Hoon talking, and we saw the huge camera and lights on him, and he was just standing in the studio - but it was live!! When we walked into the waiting room, the TV was on, and it was only about a 3 second delay. There he was, in real life to our left, and on TV to our right! We were really nervous that we would talk too loudly or mess something up in some way. But the crew there are so cool and laid back, and we quickly learned that we fit right in.

We planned on warming up a little bit and just hanging out (since we were an hour early), but to our surprise they had us set up in the studio right away! The camera men were really cool and laid back, and we got to do a couple sound checks during commercials. It was funny - the first time we played, Andrea Robinson and Rick D'Amico were so shocked to hear our sound fill the studio! They seemed really excited about us, and that was a great confidence boost for us! So when they asked us to play 3 extra songs for the commercial break transitions, we were so excited! We played Secrets, Eleanor Rigby, I'm Yours, and Clocks for the 4 commercial break transitions, and then we played Rolling in the Deep and Clocks to end the show. We were so blessed they let us play so much!

Funny story about the second camera man Martín (such a cool guy): he started playing Candy Crush on air, and his phone's sound was on at first, so he freaked out and had to frantically turn down his phone's volume. So funny. And since Nick and I play Candy Crush a lot, we recognized the game's music immediately. During the next commercial break we asked Martín which level he was on and talked about Candy Crush techniques for like 20 minutes. hahaha

Anyway, once the show was over, we got some really funny photos with the cast of the morning show. We also were privileged to be able to meet Jennifer Doan, the show's producer! She actually asked us to come back!!!! There's talk we might go back early September and also Christmas.....We'll see!!!!

When I got outside to the car, my phone had blown up with notifications from YouTube subscriptions and Facebook likes/comments on our page. It was really exciting to see that so many people enjoyed our performance! Thank you to everybody who watched and supported us!


Watch our Fox 10 AZ Morning performances here: http://bit.ly/12Ec2n3



Nick can't believe his eyes.

We made it!

I can't believe they were LIVE right there in front of us!

Look!! LIVE!

So excited! This is inside the first side room they put us in.

They gave us free food! We just ate the fruit; it was sooo earlyyyy.

This is the space in which we performed!

We got to watch them live the whole morning!

About to play!!!!!

Here they are doing the American Idol bit. There's Martin, the cool camera guy who played Candy Crush!

Us with the Fox 10 AZ Morning anchors.

The new Simply Three! Haha

In the front lobby they have a real life Simpsons model!!!! So legit!!!!!!!!



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