On Monday, Simply Three drove to LA and recorded music for an upcoming film called Brahmin Bulls. The film is about a disillusioned architect. He and his distant father come together after many years, but when a woman from the past resurfaces, old wounds threaten to break their new found relationship. Simply Three met with director Mahesh Pailoor and writer Anu Pradhan, as well as the film's composer Ginger and producer Yoshi, to discuss the vision of the songs on which they performed. The independent film will be released later this year. The cast includes these well-known actors:

Name: Sendhil Ramamurthy

Known For: Heroes

Name: Roshan Seth

Known For: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Ghandi

Name: Mary Steenburgen

Known For: Back to the Future 3, Step Brothers, Elf

Name: Cassidy Freeman

Known For: Smallville

Name: Justin Bartha

Known For: The Hangover, National Treasure

Name: Monica Raymund

Known For: Lie to Me

Name: Michael Lerner

Known For: Godzilla, Barton Fink, Eight Men Out, Elf