We are overjoyed to welcome Glen McDaniel to our group! We had the privilege of working with Glen on our Cold War / Tightrope video, and we have been great friends ever since. He is a phenomenal asset, having toured the world with pop icon Janelle Monáe and studied at the incomparable Shepherd School of Music at Rice University. We are over the moon he has agreed to join us on this amazing journey! Glen wanted to introduce himself to you guys, so he wrote you all this letter:  

Dear Simply Three Fans,

It's a pleasure to finally address you all and express my feelings regarding this wonderful trio that I can now consider a true part of my musical family. As an extension of that, you all are also a part of this family, and I'm eager to get to know you all in the coming months as we continue to engage with you all through performances, media, and personal interactions.

The last year has brought a lot of changes and advancements to Simply Three. It has skyrocketed in its popularity with successful music videos, performances, and other fantastic experiences like hosting a TEDx Talk. At the same time, there have been changes in its identity that may or may not have been offsetting for many of you. Despite these changes, however, Simply Three continues to grow in its artistry, innovation, and musicianship. It's my strong belief that this is because the core of what Simply Three holds most dear is a strong love for music and performing, which is one of the many qualities I found attractive of the group.

Many of you may recognize me from the music video for the Janelle Monáe mash-up. It was here where I was able to really work with Nick and Zack and see the incredible work ethic that they put forth in all that they do, whether it's composing music, recording their music, planning the necessary logistics behind crafting a music video, or making sure their guest artists are given the best experience possible. This is something that I found very impressive of them and what I feel to be fundamentally important for the success of any kind of music ensemble. In my time so far as a musician, I've been blessed to have many types of musical experiences as both a classical and non-classical violinist, and if I've learned anything from these experiences, it's to not waste your time working with things that you don't believe in. I believe in Simply Three and its potential as a musical powerhouse, and I'm very humbled that the guys would consider me to continue with them on this journey.

While change is not something that many are comfortable with, change can also be a representation of progress. In this light, I would hope that you all would embrace this change positively, knowing that I am here for the long run to continue cultivating the image of Simply Three for the best and to grow a sound and artistry that can't be considered as anything but phenomenal. With that, I look forward to getting started. Here's to making some great music!

Best, Glen